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Aromatherapy Oils for High Blood Pressure

Young caucasian man with beard stressing over a laptop computer at work.
Stress can cause high blood pressure; luckily, aromatherapy oils can help.

Are you so stressed out that it's raising your blood pressure? Did you ever think aromatherapy oils could help with high blood pressure? This post explains how to help yourself with your blood pressure using certain aromatherapy oils.

Research on aromatherapy oils for high blood pressure

There is a new study regarding blood pressure that finds the treatment of high blood pressure reduced the risk of death by 25%. It also found that for people 50 years or older the reduction of blood pressure saves lives and reduces the number of strokes.

This above-mentioned study found that having your systolic blood pressure at 120 instead of 140 caused the healthy changes listed above. Before you increase the level of your medication try the natural way to reduce your blood pressure without changing your diet. I have been working with aromatherapy oils for years and I have seen them drop blood pressure by 20 percent.

How to improve your blood pressure with essential oils

By applying a few drops of one of the following aroma therapy oils topically over your heart you can reduce your blood pressure. Lavender, German chamomile, goldenrod, clove, roman chamomile, ylang ylang, cypress, or helichrysum. Smell the oils at the health food store and see which one appeals to your sense of smell. If you like the smell you will use them more often.

Apply 3 to 5 drops over the heart and wait 20 minutes. See if your blood pressure drops. You can apply as many times as you like if you want to see a larger drop in pressure. You can also apply same amount of oil to the bottom of your feet.

If stress raises your blood pressure, put two drops lavender or ylang ylang under your nose. This can be done at a regular time daily or just in times of stress. The oils come in small bottles and can be carried with you.

Smell good and feel better with aromatherapy!

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