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A Better Way to Relieve Pain Naturally and Heal...

Praise for Larsen Wellness


In order to relieve pain and stress naturally, I offer sound healing, quantum biofeedback, aromatherapy, applied kinesiology, and classes on how to heal yourself using all these techniques. Enjoy the benefits of scientific and energetic healing all in one office!


Quantum Biofeedback

I employ a number of techniques to balance the body.  With biofeedback, I connect the client to a computer to see how stress affects the body.  In the first three minutes, the computer has sent 33,000 different items into the body to check its reaction to them.  It uses a variation of voltage, amperage, and density to measure the body’s reactions to these items.  This is an incredible way to remove imbalances and stress from the body.  You must experience this to believe its accuracy.


Quantum Biofeedback has been used by China in the Olympics to enhance the performance of their athletes. It has also been used to help patients at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri. How can it help you? Come in and see.

Sound Healing
Our bodies are wired to be exquisitely sensitive to sound.  We hear with our ears and feel the pressure waves of sound comes through our skin.  Using the tuning forks on acupressure points can unblock the energy stagnated there. Many hospitals and nursing homes use this technique.
Studies suggest the tuning forks spike the production of Nitric Oxide which helps boost the immune system and increases your blood flow. I find that is amazing for pain control without drugs.  In one treatment a client's pain can be cut in half.  One client who suffered foot pain was able to leave the office without pain for the first time in twenty years.  How can this help you?
 Muscle Testing, aka Applied Kinesiology

If I test a person’s body for health issues it will reveal what is going on inside.  A muscle with test weak for no and strong for yes.  I can look into a person as if their skin were glass and all the answers I need will be revealed.  I also teach this technique to every client so they can see what is going on with their body at any time on their own. With time and practice, the sensitivity and accuracy improve. It’s a handy tool to promote well being.




Essential oils can be a powerful ally in creating wellness. If I filled my kitchen with rosemary leaves and distilled them down, I would end up with two cups of aromatherapy oil.  This creates an incredible concentration of the survival components for the rosemary plant.  The same properties that protect the plant from mold and bacteria are in the oil.  If I have a client with bacteria in their lungs, this oil can be applied to their back to kill the bacteria.  Rosemary also reduces inflammation so the air sacks in the irritated lungs can take in more air.  If the oils are used properly over time, they can help the client’s body heal their own lungs.


There are a number of oils that help with psychological issues as well -- lavender, bitter orange, ylang-ylang, to name a few.  The above-listed oils balance out the highs and lows in our minds and create calm and peace. With each person, I determine which oils – if any – would help that person best.

Classes in Intuitive Healing

If you'd like to learn sound healing, quantum biofeedback, applied kinesiology (muscle testing), and aromatherapy, I offer small classes virtually or in person. This way you can learn how to take care of your own health as well as your loved ones. This is not a medical degree, simply a way to promote your own well-being and the wellness of those around you. Please call if you have any questions or if you'd like to arrange for a class.


Wellness Coaching

You have a goal for your well-being that is hard to achieve? Maybe you have an intention of improving the way you eat, but you can’t seem to get the motivation to resist Krispy Kreme or McDonald’s late at night.


Perhaps you exercise a little bit, but you want to get fit and healthy so you can fit into your wedding dress or tuxedo in time for your wedding. You might want to learn how to pay attention to your body so that you don’t overdo it and feel exhausted or painful, if you have a chronic condition like fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome.


These and many more mind-body dilemmas are workable with the help of a supportive, trusted ally in your healing process. I can break your goal into manageable steps and gently hold you accountable so that you can hamper the life you’ve dreamed about. Wellness coaching and medical mediumship can yield great results. When you work with Glen Larsen, you can get dynamite results. Set your motivation on fire and watch what can happen!

Sound Heal

Having been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, I have missed seven years of my life. Fibromyalgia includes muscle pain and fatigue. Fortunately, I was introduced to Glen Larsen who performed quantum biofeedback. I have noticed a lack of fatigue and depressive symptoms since I started quantum biofeedback. I am doing many more social activities than before, which is making me very happy! Whole body muscle tension and restriction are virtually eliminated and I am no longer at risk of pulling tendons, muscles, or ligaments while exercising. I am able to put my time, talent, and heart back into the activities that allow me to flourish once again. I am eternally grateful to Glen for helping me restore my health.

D.R., Rosamond, CA

I have been the beneficiary of Quantum Biofeedback at Larsen Wellness for several months now, and have noticed that my health is much improved. I rarely feel ill, am breathing much better, and am able to exercise after months of chronic bronchitis. In addition, the feedback allows me to adjust my diet, water intake, exercise and rest according to what feedback I get about my body functioning. I recommend these treatments to anyone seeking better health, more energy, improved rest and a more youthful life.

R.P., Lancaster, CA

Glen Larsen giving Quantum Biofeedback; natural pain relief
woman harnessing energy; energy balancing
Your investment


Quantum Biofeedback session (2 hrs.): $100; $50 for one hour

  Prepaid package of four QB sessions $90 each ($360 total)

Home Visit: $140 (depending on location)

Tuning fork session (1 hr.): $50

Aromatherapy consultation (1 hr.): $50

Phone consultation (1 hr.): $50

Suggested donation for classes: $20. This way, more people can afford it.

teen girl enjoying Quantum Biofeedback stress relief
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