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Praise for Larsen Wellness

Glen Larsen has absolutely worked miracles in my life on many, many levels! With his kind, gentle, highly intuitive and nonjudgmental energy he has helped me to heal and rise above many childhood wounds, and has helped me in countless ways to acknowledge and fine tune my own spiritual gifts!  He possesses a medical intuition that I have never experienced before.  HIs skills have MIRACULOUSLY healed many wounds to my spine, knees and shoulders. I could go on and on about this very special man and his incredible skills.  I highly recommend him and hope that anyone reading this review will take the time to meet our Local Healer, Glen Larsen!  He is also very, very affordable for us all.  


I can't express enough how wonderful Glen Larsen and Lisa Larsen are. I initially went to therapy with Lisa and Glen wanted to help me as well. I was really going through a rough spot with the loss of my Mother and beloved cat as well as other issues.

They are a great team! Lisa used EMDR and other tools which really helped me and Glen on the holistic side with his great ability to heal as well. I saw him in 2019 and at that time he told me that things would be much better in 3 years. Well he was right! We moved to a beautiful new state and am feeling like a new person! I will forever be grateful to them! Thank you so much!!! -S.M.


I have been going to Glen Larsen for the past five months and he has made a tremendous impact on my life.  Glen is definitely the most gifted healer that I've ever come across.  He has helped me overcome a lifetime addiction, heal from abuse, improve my self esteem dramatically, radically improve how I feel physically, mentally, & spiritual, and given me hope for the future.  We are extremely blessed to have this Angel in our midst who is so incredibly gifted, humble, and affordable.  I thank the Universe everyday for Glen and my new found life.  When I leave his office, I feel happy and rejuvenated. --G.M.


I didn't know anything about biofeedback before I visited Glen.  He patiently explained everything and both my son and I had such a wonderful experience with him. With Glen's intuitive guidance, we learned so much about what we needed to adjust with our diet and our daily routine in order to have a better, healthier life.

Glen is such a loving person. His full intention is to help others. I'm so glad that my son and I had a biofeedback session with Glen. Our lives have changed, we are living healthier physically and spiritually.

Thank you, Glen!!-- C.W.


He is truly one of the most gifted medical holistic practitioners I know. So very intuitive and gifted. I'm always skeptical until ya prove it. He proved it and is amazing.  --J.S.


Glen is amazingly accurate and insightful. And a very nice human being!   --L.A.

Glen is a powerful resource to your path to healing and wellness.! His genuineness and knowledge is why I recommend Larsen Wellness. In gratitude and love. --L. M.

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