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How to Incorporate Quick and Easy Meditations into Your Daily Routine

two women meditating in tie dye pants in lotus position with blue sky in the background
You don't have to meditate for hours to feel refreshed!

I enjoy encouraging people to meditate in my office. It centers you and connects you to your soul. Sometimes, however, people say that they don't have time. Alternately, they are resistant to the idea of sitting still for very long. The most popular meditation I teach is the ten second version. You'll find it easy to incorporate quick and easy meditations into your life whenever you need a break from the rat race.

How do to quick and easy meditations

To do it, you observe your breath going in and then observe it going out.

Repeat this once more and that is ten seconds. It is okay to make it longer.

It gives you a way to center yourself and step off the treadmill for a moment.

Try this one or more times per day.

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