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Discovering The Benefits Of Pain Management From Nature

African American man doubled over in pain; natures pain management
Pain can be difficult physically and emotionally to deal with.

Every week I have people come to my office with chronic pain issues. They are often on pain killers such as opiates (like Norco and Vicodin), and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents (NSAIDS like ibuprofen). Often, they have developed a tolerance and do not want to keep increasing their dosage. There is the pain from the original injury, pain from the stuck energy, and the psychological pain from the helplessness and desperation we begin to feel from a prolonged injury. If you're tired of popping pain pills, know that nature's pain management can be more supportive and healthy to the body. I can help you feel better from chronic pain in a number of ways: aromatherapy; applied kinesiology; acupressure (including sound healing); and psychological healing.

Aromatherapy oils for chronic pain

As you develop a tolerance to a certain dosage of pain killer there is a point where you are in pain before it is time for the next dose. One of the ways to handle pain without increasing your dosage is to add an aroma therapy oil to your routine. Let’s say you have a knee injury and the pain is overwhelming. In this case lemongrass oil might help applied topically to the knee. It reduces the inflammation, increases circulation, reduces the pain, and in this case the oil can help regenerate cartilage.

Muscle testing as Nature's Pain Management

There are a few oils that can help with inflammation. In order to have an injury heal the inflammation must be brought under control so the tissues can knit back together. The way I pick the correct oil, dosage, and timeline for the usage of the oil is using muscle testing or applied kinesiology. I also teach each client how to muscle test for themselves for they can take care of their everchanging health. At times the body chooses peppermint oil for its ability to seep deep into the body. Sometimes I recommend rosemary for an inflamed disk. This reduces the pain and inflammation allowing the disk to heal.

Acupressure as a Natural Way to Reduce Chronic Pain

Another way pain can increase with the injury is stuck energy. If I have a wrist injury the energy can also be stuck around the injury like the hand and arm. I often use acupressure to release the stuck energy and this allows less pain and quicker healing. I can also use sound healing on the acupuncture points to release the energy and allow for quicker healing. This involves weighted tuning forks on the acupuncture points. At times mineral healing is the best way to release the energy using the acupressure points. This involves using points or pointed rocks to find the correct vibration for your healing.

hands giving acupressure to another hand; natures pain management
Pressure on certain points can alleviate stuck energy

Psychological healing for chronic pain

All injuries have a psychological component. For example, if I feel all my problems are coming from other people this often shows up in the liver and can cause a tensing in this area. Some people hold their feeing in their intestines and it can affect the digestion. This is where the saying gut reaction comes from. Other gut problems can include irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s Disease, diverticulitis, and leaky gut syndrome. Stress doesn’t help your intestines to work well, and can cause pain and discomfort.

I teach people to look for these symptoms and how to let go of the feelings. Any long-term injury with have an effect on the mind as it can make you feel disempowered. By teaching people about their injury, how to read what is going on with muscle testing, and using the aromatherapy oils as a healthy support for the pain and other issues it leaves you with a feeling of empowerment instead.

Psychological Support Aromatherapy as Nature's Pain Management

As I’ve mentioned in other blog posts, there are a number of oils that balance the mind. The oil that is best known for this is lavender. Lavender is good for calming anxiety, as well as aiding sleep. Sleep can be interrupted by pain and discomfort. Any book on aromatherapy will mention this one. Many different oils can be used as a form of nature's pain management.

Some other oils include bitter orange, tangerine, and ylang ylang. You can put a few drops in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together, and put some on the front of your neck. You then hold your hands in front of your nose and mouth to calm or energize the body. The body will know which one it needs and shift accordingly. These oils can also help you overcome your desperation and despair from a prolonged ailment.

If you struggle with pain and discomfort, you can use natural ways to manage chronic and acute pain. You don’t have to keep suffering. Call 661-575-7135 to set up an appointment today, and start to feel better now.


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