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How Can Quantum Biofeedback Help You?

Glen Larsen doing Quantum Biofeedback on a teenager
Quantum Biofeedback can be an enjoyable experience

When I first heard about Quantum Biofeedback, I was intrigued but skeptical. My wife told me about it and said it might help my well-being and understand how my body was being affected by various stressors, like environmental stressors, emotional issues, foods I was eating, and more. I set aside my skepticism and saw a practitioner of quantum biofeedback. It was very impressive and made me want to help other people the way I was helped by quantum biofeedback. The practitioner is no longer working and has retired, but she taught me how to use the remarkable equipment that liberated me from being dependent on a wheelchair.

Quantum Biofeedback is not your mother’s biofeedback

It is not the old biofeedback of the 1970s that your mom told you about. Quantum biofeedback can train more than the mind. In fact, it works at a superconscious level, to create lasting change in your mental and physical health. It can bring balance and well-being to your whole body.

Let me go back in time to when I was wheelchair bound. I could not seem to get my body to destress enough to allow my tendons to heal. Mental and physical stressors were causing constant inflammation. As a result, I would move forward in healing a little bit and then go backwards. I was in and out a wheelchair for more than a decade. As you can well imagine, it was extremely frustrating!

As mentioned above, I stumbled upon a biofeedback practitioner. She did not do the “control your mind sessions” that were available last century. Instead, she was able to balance my body systems in a way that they could heal. She could look into my nutrition, my organs, my blood and bring much-needed harmony to my body, which promoted healing. The machine was able to help me recover from my injuries in a way I was looking for the previous twenty years. This was the healing tool I had been looking for.

My entrée into being a Quantum Biofeedback Technician

I was so excited I bought a device for myself and trained with my previous practitioner as well as some other people. The training was fascinating and extensive. Each person had their own style of working with the device but the results were beautiful. I have been using it for years now, both on myself and other people. I see so many happy faces as they leave my office with positive changes, along with signs of their hope for their healing.

I have also added aromatherapy oils to my tools after training at the Heart Of Herbs Institute. The oils can reduce inflammation to help issues heal. They can also bring circulation to the area to promote faster healing as well.

Aromatherapy can boost the effects of Quantum Biofeedback

In one case I had a client who grew up in a house with smokers. He was going to hospital with lung issues every few weeks to feel well enough to live his life. In addition to the quantum biofeedback, I had him put rosemary oil on his chest frequently to reduce inflammation in the lungs. This combination allowed his injured lungs to heal. I used the biofeedback machine to remove stress from his mind and body. Thankfully, he was young and healed quickly. After his treatment, he was able to lead a normal life without going to the hospital again. Amazingly, he became a firefighter for the forest service and it did not bother his lungs. I would never have guessed that quantum biofeedback and aromatherapy could produce such amazing results! I wonder what it can do for you?

Young woman in roller-skates; quantum biofeedback and aromatherapy
Skating again! Photo by Rameez Remy

Quantum Biofeedback helped my client with kidney issues

In case after case, my clients’ lives have turned around. I had another client who was headed toward renal failure according to her doctor. She saw me a few times employing the fabulous balancing of the quantum biofeedback as well as putting lemongrass oil on her back next to the kidneys daily. In order to help the healing, I suggested a few diet changes. Her kidneys have returned to almost normal functioning. She was able to hike and skate again like she did years ago as a younger woman. Her life was like that of any other healthy person.

Quantum Biofeedback is one of was things that you need to experience yourself in order to see how it affects you and helps you heal. Wouldn’t it be nice to take some time for your healing and treat yourself to a session of energetic healing?

If you’re interested in how quantum biofeedback can help you, please contact me and talk to me about what I can do to help you: 661-575-7135.


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