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Ready to Change? Preparing for Positive Transformation

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Once you're in the action stage, no one can stop you!

Are you ready to change your behavior in a positive way? Part of you might say yes, but you might need to prepare yourself and get in the right mindset. The Transtheoretical Model is useful when preparing yourself for a positive transformation, mentally or physically.

Thinking about the Transtheoretical Model of Change (Prochaska, Norcross & DiClemente, 1994), we can plot any change of behavior according to the stage the person is in. There are different stages that people go through when changing behavior: precontemplative; contemplative; preparation; action; and maintenance.

What stages get you ready you for positive change?

The first, the Precontemplative, is where a person has not even decided that change needs to occur. Other people may think so, but the individual doesn't yet register that need.

Then in the Contemplative stage, a person starts to consider that they do need to change. Their behavior might have resulted in problems, whether physically, emotionally, legally, or in their relationships. For example, perhaps they were pulled over for drunk driving, or their doctor told them to stop eating potato chips all the time. Now the problem seems real to the person.

The next stage, Preparation, sees the person getting ready to make changes to their behavior. They might look up rehab programs, or look into Weight Watchers, or investigate which steps they can take to not become diabetic.

In the Action stage, they choose a course of action and begin it. This is where the excitement starts, and it can be full of promise and peril. The peril is that they are not yet ready to maintain the change they put into place. With or without support and assistance, they can hopefully move into Maintenance stage, wherein they keep the new healthy habits going.

Sometimes you relapse into old behavior and you might get mad at yourself or feel defeated. Nonetheless, this is normal and all it shows is that you need a plan to get you back on track. Don't give up! You haven't lost all your hard work. It's just a matter of getting back on the proverbial horse!

How can I help you get ready to change?

With health and wellness coaching, we can form an alliance to help you through these changes. The Quantum Biofeedback can help people identify where their health might be suffering before it becomes a bigger and more serious issue. And aromatherapy can help remove stress and promote healing all along the way. Please let me know how I can support you through your stages of change! Call 661-575-7135 today!


Prochaska, JO; Norcross, JC; DiClemente, CC. Changing for good: the revolutionary program that explains the six stages of change and teaches you how to free yourself from bad habits. New York: W. Morrow; 1994. ISBN 0-688-11263-3.

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