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Health Goals for the New Year

stressed young white man with messy hair; stress reduction health goal
Mental stress can deteriorate your physical health. How will you destress in '22?

This is often the time of year when people resolve to make positive health changes in their health, like losing weight, cutting down on salt, sugar or fat intake, or stop drinking as much. But did you know that stress reduction can be a health goal as well? What are your health goals for the new year? Are they meant to just make you more attractive and successful, or do you want them to transform your life for greater vitality and well being?

Stress reduction is one of the most important health goals for the new year!

What areas of your life create the most stress? Do your relationships make you unhappy? Are you frustrated with your job? Are you self-employed and fretting about the still-languishing economy? Is a chronic health condition making you feel tired, sad and isolated? Are financial problems weighing on you? Take a moment to list the sources of stress in your life, in all areas of your life.

Improve your coping skills for stress reduction

What do you do to cope with those things? Some people eat compulsively, drink, smoke, or create unhealthy patterns in their lives. Other people work or play video games to escape their worries and stress. Sometimes you use better stress reduction skills than others. Next to the sources of stress, write down what you do to cope with it. And if you want to get fancy, decide whether that way of coping is helpful for the long haul.

Whatever the source of your stress, this can be the year that you start to take control and handle stress in a more resilient, healthy way. Your health goals will go a lot farther and the positive results will last longer if you tackle the root of the issue, which is the unhealthy management of stress.

African American man and white woman happily jogging and reducing stress.
Exercising with a buddy is just one way to improve stress reduction.

Stress reduction: one-stop shop

At Larsen Wellness, we have various ways to help you reduce your stress. Quantum biofeedback is a great way to see how stress affects your body, and directly change the vibration of your body's health. Sound therapy is also great to promote peace, natural pain relief, and relaxation. Aromatherapy helps to reduce your stress and promote healing. Wellness coaching is also a wonderful way to get at the heart of your stress and find better ways of coping.

Once you define how you want your health to improve, we can help you achieve those goals. Please call 661-575-7135 for more information.


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