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Aroma Therapy Oils Could Replace Antibiotics

Farmers have been relying on antibiotics to prevent infections in their livestock for many years. Some people think that this has caused consumers of meat to become resistant to antibiotics. It has also created animals that need ever increasing amounts of these these drugs in their feed. As the dosage increases the animals as well as the people become more resistant to the antibiotics. The farmers are discussing replacing the antibiotics with aroma therapy oils to build resistance to disease in their animals.

As you probably already know aroma therapy oils are distilled from plants. For example rosemary plants have antibacterial qualities that help them survive in the ground. When rosemary leaves are distilled their antibacterial ability is transferred to the rosemary oil collected in the distillation process. Like the antibiotics the oils could be put in the animal fed to help kill the bacteria in the animals. The consumers of the meat might also benefit from the bacteria fighting ability of the oils. This would not only provide an animal free from drugs but the consumer would be protected from exposure to the drugs as well. This could help the animals as well as the people from becoming resistant to antibiotics.

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