Everyday Meditations

Meditation doesn't have to be a formal activity with the right clothes, the right cushions, incense wafting through the room, and dreamy music. It can be something that you do here and there, in line at the grocery store, in traffic, at a park, or at the DMV. Here are a couple of ideas I had for short, yet refreshing forms of meditation.



Driving meditation


Imagine you are driving and you have just encountered a less than skilled driver.  You can share his poor energy by slamming on your horn and cursing.  You have another choice and take a couple of deep breaths and give them credit for making a simple mistake like oversleeping their alarm and trying to make up the time on the freeway.  If I want to feel even better I try to watch my breathing with open eyes for a few miles.




Meeting Meditations


You are in a meeting and someone is listing statistics about some department not related to yours.  Instead of running from the meeting screaming as we all have wanted to do you just watch your breathing and listen to your soul.  Check in with the conversation periodically to not get caught. You leave the meeting refreshed and ready to go.


If you have other ideas of how to meditate in everyday life, please let me know! I always love to learn something new.


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