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Aromatherapy for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a tough illness to beat, but we can do it together.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a disorder that not many doctors know how to treat. Sometimes they can even give advice that makes CFS sufferers feel worse. You may have to take matters into your own hands and seek alternative healing methods. Aromatherapy for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can help you deal with some of the symptoms.

Aromatherapy oils can help with many ailments, especially ones that are chronic and sometimes debilitating. Sufferers of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) know first hand that when it comes to this illness, many doctors have limited choices for their patients. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is an illness that is becoming more common in our society.

Which symptoms do aromatherapy oils address for chronic fatigue?

Some of the symptoms of CFS include indigestion, gas, poor assimilation of nutrients, poor electrolyte balance, allergies, mood swings, and fatigue, according to Dr. Gary Young. Some people report lack of mental clarity called brain fog, and difficulties with memory as well.

Some of the single oils that can help are thyme, clove, grapefruit, nutmeg, oregano, and mountain savory. The oils will help build the immune system, kill microbes, and kill bacteria can be applied to your back along the sides of the spine or take them orally in a capsule.

If you take oils orally you should make sure they are pharmaceutical grade. I like organic essential oils because they are pesticide and herbicide free. I am a certified aromatherapist and would love to help you determine which oils would help you the most. Give me a call at 661-575-7135 so I can help you find which oils work best for your body's energy!

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