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Are wives saving more lives than doctors?

Men like to avoid doctors like children avoid shots. I was at the doctor’s office the other day and a young boy was trying to convince his mom that he did not need his upcoming shot. He was dragged into the office as if he was going to his execution. A moment later an older couple took their place. The man could hardly move and rotated his head like a turret. He was complaining to his wife that he did not need to see a doctor. He edged up on his seat so he could turn his shoulders to move his neck to look at her and said, “I am moving fine. Let’s give it some more time.”

This is how we are trained as men. John Wayne or Kirk Douglas get shot in a movie and they continue fighting. They do not go to a doctor or even put a band aid on. Women go in for breast exams, physicals, and pap smears all the time. Men wait until they are immobile and then complain about seeing the doctor. I wonder if single men do not live as long since they have no wives encouraging them to go to the hospital.

The wife in the waiting room returned the clipboard to the front desk and the man turned his body to me slowly like a rusted tank. He said, “I cannot believe she dragged me here.” Was he waiting until he was in a wheelchair or a gurney to come in? I smiled and nodded my head keeping the secret male pact of body neglect between us. It might be unfortunate, but the husband's way of saying "thank you" translated as "if I have to, but I really don't need to go."

Thanks to all the wives and girlfriends out there who have saved their mates from furthering their disease through neglect.

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