Aroma Therapy Oils for Psychological Balance

There are a number of aroma therapy oils that help with psychological issues. Lavender is the classic oil for calming people. I have seen it drop people’s blood pressure as much as 20 points. It is also used in Japanese businesses to improve performance. In tests lavender oil was found to improve performance and reduce errors when piped into the air circulation system in a business. This demonstrates how lavender can be relaxing yet focusing.

Bitter orange oil helps balance the mind

Bitter orange oil is another good oil for balancing the mind. If I am sleepy or down this oil works like a cup of coffee. If I am wound up it focuses me.

I find with clients who have anxiety or depression there are a number of oils that balance their thoughts. The oils are ylang ylang, lavender, tangerine, and bitter orange.

Each person is different and will respond best to different oils. I often use applied kinesiology to choose the correct oil. Contact me to help you choose the correct oil for your biology.

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