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Dr. Cures Daughter of Autism by Changing her Diet

Grapefruit and Vitamins

Dr. Katherine Reid has a daughter who was exhibiting autistic behavior. Her daughter made no eye

contact with others and did not interact with them. She would repeat words but had no conversations

with people and would not answer questions. Katherine started changing her daughter’s diet in hopes

of changing her. She started with all fruit, vegetable and nut smoothies along with supplements. Within

days her daughter made eye contact and responded to her name for the first time in her life. Since she

saw good results the mom cut out gluten {a protein in wheat}, wheat and casein {a dairy product}. The

daughter’s social skills and communication improved. Still the daughter would have times when her

brain would be stuck for hours on a simple yes or no question like do I want my blanket.

Dr. Katherine continued to read about diet. There are one million publications associated with

glutamine dysfunction in the mind and body. We have evolved to digest glutamine in a protein. This is

different from free glutamine that is not bound to other amino acids. MSG is the most common free

glutamine. Although free glutamine exists naturally in whole foods at a fraction of a percent, it is

different from the effects of free glutamine that exists at 5% to 20% in processed foods. Free glutamine

can bypass digestion and go straight to the blood. It can create surges of free glutamine that spur on

production of mucus, motility, and digestive function. Glutamine receptors in our pancreas that

regulate insulin in the blood can cause over-production of insulin leading to diabetes.

As a good mom she was not purposely giving her daughter foods with MSG. The MSG or free glutamine

is labeled in fifty different ways. Neurologically it fakes the brain into thinking food is good. Some of the

names it uses are natural flavors, yeast extract, protein extract, hydrolyzed protein, hydrolyzed oat flour,

natural flavors, pectin, and enriched protein.

To avoid the MSG she turned to whole foods and cooking from scratch. Foods like whole nuts, fruit,

vegetables, beans, and legumes. Her daughter has become a regular child on this diet. She was kicked

out of her special needs class for regular school, caught up with the other students, and is now very

social. Katherine's health issues including her headaches stopped, she ceased her pollen allergies and

solved her digestive issues. Not every child or adult can be "cured" this way, obviously, but wouldn't it be

intriguing to find out how your or your child's diet affects the way you think, feel and behave?

We are what we eat. See how your food stresses your body by using Quantum Biofeedback.

For more info visit

(From Ted talks Unblind my mind: What are we eating? Dr. Katherine Reid)

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