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Together we improve your wellness by removing pain naturally, addressing allergies, balancing energy, encouraging movement, removing stress, and adopting healthy habits.

3123 W. Ave. L-8, Lancaster, CA  93536
Tel: 661-575-7135


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Are you struggling with pain? Looking for natural pain relief? Do you feel weak, sickly, or run-down? Are you dissatisfied with the answers from your doctor? At Larsen Wellness, we balance your body's energy using high-speed computer biofeedback programs, aromatherapy, muscle testing, and correcting the body’s energy field using tuning forks.


We take the mystery out of health by teaching you a new way of treating yourself kinder and healthier.  Each person is different and we learn new ways to be healthy together.  Your body has different needs from the next person's. We develop an individualized, holistic approach to meet those unique needs.


A young client, K.B., was suffering from chronic lung ailments.  He was hospitalized every other month when I met him for lung issues.  After working with him for a few months he no longer went to the hospital.  As a matter of fact, he was so healthy that he began fighting forest fires to make a living.  He never had lung issues since then. 


Come see me and become one of the success stories!


For more information about research studies on Quantum Biofeedback, please click on this site:

Glen Larsen, CBT, Certified Aromatherapist


Please honor the people who are sensitive to chemicals by not wearing perfume, hairspray, cologne or similar products in the office. Thank you.


DISCLAIMER: If you have a life-threatening medical condition, please call a qualified medical healthcare professional. This website and these services are not meant to replace medical treatment from a medical doctor and should not be construed as such.

Available Healing Methods:
  • Aromatherapy

  • Quantum Biofeedback

  • Applied Kinesiology

  • Tuning the Human Energy Field

  • Wellness consultation & coaching

"I was able to withstand the extreme heat of the summer thanks to working with Quantum Biofeedback" -- J.M.


"Through working with Glen, I found out what my allergies were and this helped me focus better, think clearer, and deal with ADHD better." -- I.H.

He is truly one of the most gifted medical holistic Practioner’s I know. So very intuitive and gifted. im always skeptical until ya prove it. He proved it and is amazing.    J.S.


Glenn is amazingly accurate and insightful. And a very nice human being!   L.A.

Please do not leave personal information on this public website, for your privacy. Thanks!

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When we remove stress, we can concentrate, focus and enjoy greater well being. Meditation can also help this process.